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Super Bowl Food Facts

With the Super Bowl coming up I thought that I'd share these fun SuperBowl food facts with you. . .

Each Year Americans Eat:
Full Article can be Found at:

After reading this I for one know that I will be hitting the gym Sunday Morning lol

Copy Cat Windy City Pizza

I've made Eddie pizza more times than I can remember but for the first time yesterday he told me "OMG this is so good its just like Windy City . . . DON'T lose the recipe"
So in hopes to recreate it again - here's the recipe
Copy Cat Windy City Pizza
Ingredients: Stick of Butter Pizza Dough Oregano Parsley 1 cup Pizza Sauce 3 Cups Cheese Pepperoni Parmesan Cheese
1) Pre Heat Oven to 375 2) Melt butter and place into bottom of a cast iron skillet 3) Stretch out Dough and press into pan getting butter all over both sides 4) Sprinkle Generously with oregano and parsely 5) Top with Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, then Parmesean 6) Bake for 30 minutes or untill top is golden

My First CookBook

Recently I found this new program called Sway that takes blogging and storytelling to a whole new level

The Program is currently in Beta but I was one of the luckily ones that has been able to try it out

Since I cooked so much over the holiday I thought this would be a perfect way to show it all off in a cookbook

Here's the Link:
Sabrina's Holiday Cookbook

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New Years Eve 2015 Pictures