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Homemade Crown Burgers

Eddie has decided that Crown Burger is the Number 1 Best Burger in Salt Lake City. While walking down the aisles at Trader Joe's Yesterday I saw a pack of Pastrami and decided to make my own version and see how it turned out. Eddie LOVED them so they have to be good :)

Homemade Crown Burgers
Ground Beef
Your Favorite Burger Seasoning
Swiss Cheese
Hamburger Buns

1) Season Meat with your Favorite Burger Seasoning (i used salt -pepper - garlic powder - onion powder - Worcester sauce)
2) Form Meat into Patties and cook for 6- 10 minutes per side
3) Heat Pastrami with a splash of water over medium low heat for about 5 minutes or until warmed through
4) Place Burgers on Buns then top with Swiss cheese and Pastrami

Fried Garlic Bread Balls

When we were in Vegas a little over a week ago me and Eddie Stopped at a sports Bar Called  Blondie's inside the Miracle Mile. Drinks were cheap so we decided to order an appetizer and decided on Garlic Bread Bites. They were dried dough covered in Garlic Butter and were absolutely delicious and the perfect bar snack

When we got home I decided to see if I could replicate them and I did!!

Fried Garlic Bread Balls
Homemade Pizza Dough (find my recipe here)
Oil for Frying
Chef Shamy's Garlic Butter

1) Heat oil to 350 degrees
2) Cut pizza dough into bite size pieces
3) Fry dough (5-10 pieces at a time) for 1 minute each side
4) Place Dough on paper towel to drain
5) Microwave a spoonful of garlic butter for about 15 seconds
6) Place Dough Balls into Serving Bowl and cover in melted butter

-You Can find Chef Shamy's Garlic Butter at Costco in a container like this

-If you can't find pre-made Garlic Butter then Make your own

1 Stick of Butter (Roo…

Asian Sticky Wings

A While ago I made a batch of Honey Chile Wing Sauce and Eddie Kept giving me recommendations of how to tweak it so it tasted like San Tung Wings. So we would add a little of this to the bottle and a little of that and we ended up pretty close.

I took the tweaks and made a new batch which came out pretty close but still isn't there

HOWEVER I sat a plate of these wings in front of Eddies Brothers the other day and It was there new favorite sauce taking the place of our usual the Wingers Wings with my homemade sauce.

These Wings are awesome if you are looking for something with a sweet and sticky Asian flair

Asian Sticky Wings
2 tsp red pepper flakes
5 tbsp rice vinegar
1 cup honey
1 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp Soy Sauce

1) Heat Pepper Flakes and Vinegar over medium heat until they start to boil
2) Turn heat down to low and add in remaining ingredients
3) Let simmer for 10 minutes then serve

Blackened Chicken Poppers

You know food is good when you start eating and forget to take a picture!!! I have made these little guys twice and each time the plate is empty before I realize "Shoot I should have taken a picture"

Well either way I wanted to share these with you. They are little strips of grilled chicken smothered in seasoning and  are similar to my fried chicken poppers because you just can't stop putting them in your mouth but Unlike the fried version these guys are spicy as hell and grilled

Blackened Chicken Poppers
Chicken Breast
Blazing Wing Sauce
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder

1) Cut Chicken Breast into small 2-3 inch Bite Strips
2) Place into a Ziplock Bag with a few squirts of wing sauce and a bunch of seasoning
3) Marinate for at least 30 minutes
4) Grill over medium heat for 10 minutes per side

Work Trip to Clearwater, Florida (April 2015)

Last week I went on a work trip I won to Clearwater, Florida. It was a blast and I got to see and get to know a lot of great people. However my favorite part was just BEING AT THE BEACH lol :)