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4th of July BBQ

This year my whole family came out to Utah for 4th of July. We through a BBQ taking advantage of our smoker that we got for Christmas Smoking up a giant Ham and Beef Jerky for us. Along with Grilling up some Burgers all served along with 2 salads and 2 dips. The 2 Salads were a BCT Pasta Salad and a strawberry salad with the The Lettuce part of the BLT being replaced with carrots and celery hence the bCt. And of course we have homemade salsa and a ranch veggie dip.
Here's a Picture of our Spread (minus the burgers that were still on the grill at this point)

Smoked Ham
Ingredients: Spiral Cut Ham Smoke Rub (equal parts Sugar - Salt - Chili Powder) Apple Wood and Hickory Wood Chips
Directions: 1) Pre Heat Smoker to 200 Degrees and add wood chips 2) While Smoker is Heating up rub Ham with the Smoke Rub 3) Cook for about 4 hours or until ham reaches internal Temp of 170 - switching out wood chips about ever hour 

Smoked Beef Jerky
Ingredients: 1-2 pounds Thin Cut Beef cut into strips 2 ts…