Spicy Food Diet

This weekend me and Eddie made it out to Reno for the Italian Festival and while there found an awesome Hot Sauce Booth. The hot sauce we picked up was made with the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper which according to my brother (Josh) is now the hottest pepper in the world and while it made almost everyone else cry that tried it me and eddie loved it and knew we had to pick up a bottle for ourselves :)

The Lady we purchased it from said that she personally uses it by mixing it into other things so we first tried it by mixing it into my homemade salsa and WOW even just a little bit gives a nice punch

So. . .since spicy food helps to speed up your metabolism we figured lets use the hot sauce on everything and hence came the Spicy Food Diet

We are going to try and eat spicy food every night and see how long we can go

Last night we kicked up our Carne Asada Burritos with a splash of the Trinidad Hot Sauce added into the enchilada sauce and tonight we are having Chicken Poppers that I marinaded in a mixture of Franks Hot Sauce and Trinidad Hot Sauce overnight

Should be fun!


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