Eddies Choice: Pretzel Bun Burgers with Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Not sure if any one has tried the pretzel rolls at Trader Joe's yet but those are the inspiration for Eddie's Choice Dinner this week. I saw them at Trader Joe's the other day and we used them  as rolls for a sandwich for lunch and they were soooooo good I had to go back the next day and buy more so I could make these burgers

Pretzel Bun Burgers

-Trader Joe's Pretzel Rolls (sliced for use as a bun)
-Ground Beef 
-Cheddar Cheese

1) Prep Ground Beef with your favorite burger seasonings then shape into long ovals
2) Cook Burgers and Bacon
3) Top Burger with Bacon and Cheese
4) Let cheese melt while still cooking
5) Prep burger with favorite toppings and enjoy!

-I was able to get 3 long burgers out of 1 pound of ground beef but they were a little small if you like bigger burgers I recommend about 1/2 pound per burger

Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

-Seamless Crescent Dough
-Deli Ham
-Shredded Cheese

1) Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees
2) Open Dough and Lay Flat 
3) Cover Dough with Deli Ham then Shredded Cheese
4) Roll up
5) Cut into 1 - 2 inch rolls (I ended up with 12)
6) Lay flat on Baking Sheet and cook for 15-20 minutes

-Recipe adapted from saifou.com


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