GF Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is one of our favorite dinners and if you haven't read the recipe for our Original Mac and Cheese you should check it out here.

Being on our Gluten Free diet we haven't been able to find any boxed gluten free mac and cheeses that could quite satisfy the taste that we were looking for so . . . we have ditched the box and made it semi from scratch.

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

-Frank's Buffalo Sauce
-4 Chicken Breasts
-4 Slices of Bacon (chopped)
-1 package of GF Pasta
-1 jar GF Cheese Sauce
-12oz Shredded Cheese
-GF Bread Crumbs

1) Marinate Chicken Breasts in Franks Hot Sauce (4 hours - overnight)
2) Preheat oven to 375 degrees and cook Chicken for 40 minutes
3) Turn oven down to 350 degrees
4) Cook the Bacon and let drain on a paper towel until ready to use
5) Boil Water and cook Pasta according to package directions
6) While pasta is cooking cut chicken into bite size pieces
7) Drain Pasta
8) Place Pasta back into pot then add cheese sauce and chicken and stir untill fully mixed
9) Place into a greased baking dish and spread out until smooth on top
10) Layer on top cheese, bread crumbs, then bacon
11) Cook for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

-Brown Rice Pasta has a bit of an al dente type texture to it
-Cheese is naturally GF so if you can't find a pre made sauce melt some cheese into milk to make your own
-For the GF Bread Crumbs we usually just grind up a few GF pretzels in a food processor


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