Cali Summer 2012

I don't know why I never posted these before but here is a little look into what we did in Cali Last Summer . . . Hopefully this year we can repeat a few of these too :)

Found Bacon Jerky at one of the gas stations on the drive over . . . you know we had to try it

SCRATCHERS!!! We can't get these in Utah so we totally had to get some in Cali

Bubble Drinks in San Fran 

Wings at San Tung!!! OMG soooo good

Quick Stroll around Golden Gate Park

Wing and Beer at KEZAR PUB!!!

Did you really think Eddie could go back to Cali without seeing a Giants Game?? lol

Zelda's in Capitola - Sabrina needed to go to the beach :)

Wine Tasting at Ruby Hill

and of course . . . Dinner at Sinaloa's in Morgan Hill


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