Individual Roast Beef Sandwiches

As you all know we are cleaning out all the food in our house as part of our vacation prep so when we decided to do Roast Beef Sandwiches for dinner last night we used the only bread in the house . . . hamburger buns.

Surprising these turned out to be really good and it would be really easy to make a ton of these if needed. I mixed up the recipe a little bit but still had the taste that our classic roast beef sandwich has.

Individual Roast Beef Sandwiches

-Hamburger Buns (or any other roll)
-Greek seasoning
-Sandwich Swiss Cheese
-Deli Roast Beef

1) Butter each side of the hamburger buns
2) Top with Greek seasoning
3) Place under broiler (high) for about 5 minutes or until brown
4) While buns are browning place package of roast beef in a frying pan and cook at medium high for about 10 minutes
5) Place 1 piece of Swiss cheese on each side of the bun then put back into the oven (broiler OFF)
6) Once meat is done take buns out of the oven top one side with meat then cover with other side of the bun

-Hamburger buns were Whole Wheat but recipe will work will any kind
-We used 1 package of roast beef for 3 individual sandwiches
-Meat is done once it gets a little brown on the edges and some bubbling can be found on the meat
-Original Roast Beef Recipe can be found here


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