Soda Stream

For my Birthday this year Eddie got me a SodaStream and . . . I AM OBSESSED!!!! and secretly I think Eddie is too :P

Basically it is like making carbonated crystal light/Mio but it comes in soda flavors . . . since buying it we haven't bought any soda and use our Brita Water Filter wayyyyyyy more than we ever did before we are even drinking more regular water (however this one could just be a coincidence since it has been over 100 degrees every day)

Here's the flavors we have tried:
Diet Cola - good but tastes more like a generic soda then real diet coke/pepsi
Diet Orange - one of our FAVS tastes like non-diet orange soda
Diet Fountain Mist -YUCK!! Tastes good with Bacardi Citron but nasty without it
Diet Dr. Pete - like the diet cola it is more like a generic than a real diet dr.pepper
Diet Root beer- Eddie likes it (i don't drink root beer so. . . )
Diet Energy - Tastes just like Sugar Free Rockstar

We have also tried adding crystal light and mio to the carbonated water and those are good too . . .just make sure you like the flavor that you add it to - my favorite water add in is Mio Lemonade but sparkling Rasberry Ice is up there too!
Next thing I am trying is adding fruit/fruit juice . . . Has anyone else tried this machine? If not I totally recommend it to everyone


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