Spicy Turkey Panini

Recently I found this website called 300sandwiches.com about a girl who has bet with her boyfriend that once she makes him 300 sandwiches he will ask her to marry him. I love sandwiches and love the idea behind 300sandwiches.com . . . me and eddie could have had a similar bet but it probably would have been pizzas instead of sandwiches lol

Anyways I totally read the whole blog in like 2 days (she on sandwich 199 right now) - while this recipe didn't come from her website it got me in the mood to make eddie a sandwhich for lunch.

Spicy Turkey Panini

Ciabatta Bread
Spicy Sandwich Spread
Pepper Jack Cheese
Deli sliced Turkey

1) Slice bread into a large sandwich sized piece then slice down the middle
2) Spread the spicy sandwich spread on both sides of the bread
3) Add Cheese and Meat
4) Cook in a Panini Maker or in a fry in a pan untill bread is brown and crispy and cheese is melted

When making any kind of grilled sandwich or panini I also start out on a low temp and cook until chesse is melted then crank up the heat and brown/crisp up the ousides


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