Wine Cork Bulletin

I've seen a ton of Wine Cork projects on the internet but never really found any that I was like "OMG I have to make this!!!" until I found this on pinterest from but of course only a pic no instructions. . .

What you need:
-3 foot long 1in think board
-Wine Corks
-Hot glue and hot glue gun
-Something to use as a hanger (wire, ribbon, sting, etc)

I started my search at Home Depot thinking that a wooden ruler would be the best thing to glue the corks onto but apparently wooden rulers aren't sold anymore and they are now all metal and that wasn't going to work

Wandering around the store with Eddie I did however find something the same shape and size and a ruler (basically a wooden dowel but flat) in the random wood department near fence supplies and woot woot was 55 cents!!!

Took that home plugs in my hot glue gun and grabbed my corks and got to work gluing them to the board

Everything was going good until I was getting to the top and realized I needed something so I could hang this thing. I found some thin metal wire that I used but really you can use almost anything. I thought the best way to get it to stick and not fall off was to stick it under the corks rather than on the back side down so about 5 corks from the top I glued down the wire and made a hanging loop at the top

Finished up by gluing the remaining cork on top of the wire and here is the finished product hung and ready for some push pins and stuff to hang on it


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