Review: Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean (June 6,2015 sailing) Part 3 - The Photos

Me and Eddie took almost 400 photos between the 2 of us but I have narrowed it down to some of our favorites

Towel Animals - saw more animals at the towel stand by the pool than we did in our room

Central Park wasn't a popular place for people to hang out but had 2 of my favorite places to be: Park Cafe and Vintages Wine Bar

When people were in Central Park it was usually to eat at a speciality resturant or take pictures

Another cool photo op is this car in the Royal Promenade

Random Elevator Shot

One of the few pictures that was taken in Labadee - we were in the water so much of the time it seemed pointless to take out the camera

Interior Balconies that you can see from the Boardwalk

Our drink package cups - you NEED this is you want to use the fancy coke machines but otherwise no need to bring them around with you - me and Eddie left ours in the room the whole time . . . we were going to grab them to get Eddie Root-beer (the one drink none of the bars had) but never wanted it enough to go back to the room and grab the cup

Mango Mojito - this was good and sweet . . .defiantely differnt than the other sweet mixed drink because the mint melows it out

In Vintages you can find the biggest bottle of Caymus ever created!!! You should See if you can find it and grab a glass because it is delicious!! Not a part of the drink package but was worth the extra (think it was about $30 per glass - we used my gold perk buy 1 glass get 1 free on this)

Bread - meat - and cheese . . . nothing better!!

King George - one of the fine bottles you can find at the Champagne Bar

All the Champagne Cocktails are made with Domaine Chandon at the Champagne Bar but you can also order a glass on its own . . . the cocktails were OK but i stuck with the original most of the time (BTW the mojito one is super sweet )

Sabor MARGARITAS!!!! tried all but the Avocado . . . would only order the Grand and Perfect Again

The Cherry Orchard is DISGUSTING!!!! Tastes like your drinking straight out of a maraschino cherry jar and I love maraschino cherries

Almost every night our Shot of the Day came in Purple Shot Glasses

Sitting in the Aqua Theater waiting for the NBA Finals to start we were able to catch the end of a movie (I think it was the Lego movie) Seems like they played a different movie here every night

Aqua Theater at Night

When I finally found the ice cream machine I went for the starwberry vanilla swirl . . .it tasted like Capt Crunch Berries . . . I wasn't a fan but it sure looks pretty

The One piece of Americana in American Icon Grill

Tiramisu from Italian night - our food this night was so good!!! Lasagna was amazing and so was the Arancini

Again Purple Shot Glasses

Never knew Red Strip came in a light version but it was found all over Jamaica 

Another Jamaican find - Patties!! They were like empinadas/hot pockets and only $3 each

Our one and only towel animal - pimping it out in Eddie's Sunglasses

JOSE CUERVO!!! If you like tequila take the tour. We were talking to some of the bar tenders on the ship and this was their recommendation for a must do in Cozumel - me and Eddie would approve that message 

The tasting part of the Jose Cuervo Tour - 3 shots of 1800 in all different stages

The drinking part of the Jose Cuervo Tour (lol - it was all drinking) Mango Margaritas. This was the best mango margarita I have ever had!!! You get one for free and can buy a pitcher for $30 that comes with a fishbowl margarita glass.

Carnival was in Cozumel with us . . . look at the size of out boat!!!

Surf Board Bench right outside of the Wipe Out Cafe

Grand Margarita - this was my favorite from Sabor

But my favorite drink of all was this TRIPLE COCONUT MOJITO!!! OMG you have to try this go to Blaze night one and order one - don't wait until the last night like I did 

FINALLY!!! Our last night we got the shot of the day in glasses that weren't purple


  1. Do you have photos of all the drink menus?

  2. Hi Chele Thanks for reading - I didn't take many pictures of the menus. What you see above are the ones that I got


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