Unpacking Fun

When I thought packing and moving our stuff was the hard part I was completely wrong . . . UN-packing has got to be the most annoying, frustrating, and hardest part of moving!!! I guess that's why so many people have a story about boxes packed away in a closest or garage that they still haven't opened years after moving. I want to say that I hope that won't be us but while moving I did find a few boxes that never opened after the first move . . .

Anyways, along with the unpacking we have been doing a lot of furniture shopping and with the weather getting nicer we have been going to the gym a lot more leaving (as always) very little time for much else including cooking so meals lately have been even quicker and more simple

Open Faced Microwave Egg Sandwich
For Breakfast I have been using the microwave to cook eggs and bacon -- leaving time to multitask and cleaning is super easy

Eggs --> Crack on egg into a microwave safe dish scramble adding a dash of milk and salt and pepper then microwave for 1 minute

Bacon --> Wrap Bacon in a paper towel place on a glass plate and microwave for 90 seconds per slice - let cool for 1 minute

Pesto and Spicy Garlic Bread Dips
For Dinner side dishes we have resorted to dips -- chips and dip, bread and dip,etc

Pesto Dip --> Add 2 parts jarred pesto and 1 part olive oil to a small bowl and stir together

Spicy Garlic Olive Oil Dip --> Fill a small bowl about half full with olive oil add a spoon full of chopped garlic, half a spoon full of red chili flakes, and a dash of salt. Stir together and top with white balsamic vinegar

- For breakfast we have used the microwaved eggs and bacon for easy breakfast sandwiches and burritos
- Haven't tried a simple omelet yet with the microwaved eggs trick but I'm sure that you could -- that's next on my list of things to try
- When having chips and salsa me and Eddie like our salsa smooth rather than chunky however the better tasting salsas are usually made and bottled chunky. To smooth it out a bit I add a serving of salsa to a food processor and blend it up for a bit before serving


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