BBQ Wings

Anyone that has been to our house knows that Fried Naked Wings are one of our
staples for Game Day and another other get together that finger food is a must.

However since we are currently not eating fried food we decided to try taking the wings outside and cooking them on the bbq.

Eddie was a total Rock Star with these and they actually ended up tasting better then fried!!

Eddie's BBQ Wings

Chicken Wings
Spice Seasoning or Marinade
Wing Sauce

1) Marinate Wings in Seasoning for at least 2 hours
2) Get Grill Heated between 375 and 425 Degrees
3) Place Metal Grilling Sheets on Grill and Spray with Cooking Spray then add the Wings
4) Cook for about 15 minutes per side until wings are brown and crispy
5) Add Wing Sauce and Enjoy

-Found the metal racks at Wal-Mart
-The Seasoning we use is a Spicy Chipotle Hickory Meat Rub but feel free to use whatever you want (ex: Salt and Pepper - Buffalo Sauce Marinade - Garlic and Italian Seasoning or Dressing - Hamburger Seasoning)
-Depending on the seasonings you could eat the wings without sauce but we add the sauce to give it that fried chicken wing feel


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