Brown Rice Chips

Last Month me and Eddie tried Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas. We were looking for something Gluten Free to replace corn tortillas with and thought they would be great but ended up being not the best - weird texture, kind of crunch but not, made the burrito taste like a big un-fried egg roll and seems more fit for a Asian style sandwich wrap than anything else but wasn't quite sure what to do with them . . . until now!!!

I was making Tortilla Chips the other day following this recipe when I ran short of tortillas so figured why not? and grabbed the brown rice tortillas. Used the same concept tweaking the recipe just a little bit.

Spicy Brown Rice Chips

-Brown Rice Tortillas
-Olive Oil
-Garlic Salt
-Cayenne Pepper

1) Pre Heat oven to 350 Degrees
2) Brush 5-6 tortillas with olive oil then sprinkle on seasoning
3) Stack tortillas on top of each other and cut into 8 pieces
4) Place on Baking Sheet and cook for 10 minutes on lowest rack

-Feel free to use any seasoning that you want
-These Tortillas are saltier then corn tortillas so be careful with the salt
-I served mine with hummus but once cooked they are similar to crackers so you could really use any dip or spread that you want and change up the seasonings based on that or eat them by themselves


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