Easter Weekend Day 4

Monday Morning both my Grandparents and Brother Anthony Left and I took a strike against cooking any more

After dropping off Anthony at the airport we took everyone that was left to Ruth's Diner (As Seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives - - in case it sounded familiar)

Half of us ordered Breakfast while the other half ordered Lunch but what everyone could agree on was how good their famous Mile High Biscuits were

Photo Credits to Best of Salt Lake City
We spent the rest of the afternoon at City Creek Mall then back to our house to relax

Photo Credits to Nexus Focus
Overall it was an awesome weekend and hope everyone had as good of a time as we did. The house is definitely QUIET now that everyone is gone and our cat Sobe keeps going room to room trying to figure out where everyone went. We all miss you and we should totally do it again!!!


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