Grilled Chicken Burritos

I Love BBQ Season!! SO much that it seems like all I've cooked lately is things on the BBQ

Last night I grilled up some chicken that I had marinated in Cajun Seasoning, shredded it up, and threw it in a tortilla for some grilled chicken burritos

Grilled Chicken Burritos

-Chicken Tenders
-Cajun Seasoning
-Burrito Fixings

1) Marinate Chicken in Seasoning over night
2) Grill Chicken 10 minutes on each side over medium heat
3) Shred Chicken
4) Add to a tortilla with cheese and other burrito fixings and roll up

-I hadn't been grocery shopping yet so all we had in our burritos was Chicken and Cheese but feel free to add in whatever burrito fixing you like
-Don't have Cajun Seasoning? Mix it up with whatever you have
-Don't have Chicken Tenders? Cut chicken breasts into 3-4 pieces and make your own or adjust grilling time


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