Homemade Wing Sauce

Wings have always been one of mine and Eddie's favorite foods. Ironically our love for wings has grown together because neither of us really liked them before we started dating but a majority of our time together Wings have been a huge foodie component of our relationship and ever since have been on the search of the best wings and have to try them at every restaurant and bar we go to.

Since moving to Salt Lake we have always heard good things about Trolley Wing Company (TWC as we call them) but never went there until this year and since have been back once a week if not more. There wing sauce is super spicy and fresh and you can tell its made batch by batch rather than just sitting around in the back

Because of TWC I was inspired to kick my wing game up and create some wing sauces of my own based on our favorite flavors

Copy Cat Wingers
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Franks Hot Sauce

Heat ingredients together until sugar is fully dissolved

Mango Habanero

2 tbsp butter
1 Habanero chopped
1/4 onion
1/2 Cup Diced Mango
23 oz Franks Hot Sauce
1 tbsp Corn Syrup

1) Over Medium Heat sweat habanero and onion in butter until translucent
2) Place Onion/Habanero Mixture in a blender with Mango and puree until smooth
3) Add mixture to bowl with Franks Hot Sauce and Corn Syrup and mix until all combined

Honey Habanero

1/4 cup Honey
2/3 cup Butter
2 Habaneros Chopped
1 tbsp mined garlic
2 tbsp vinegar
Juice from 1/2 a lemon
2 cups Franks Hot Sauce

Mix all ingredients together and cook on low for 30 minutes


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