Siracha Lime Chicken

Chicken has always been a big part of mine and Eddie's Diet but it can getting boring sometimes . . . over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some new marinades and recipes I'm trying to mix things up a bit

Spicy Food has always been a favorite for me and Eddie yet we never really got into the Siracha Craze Everyone else is. I have had a bottle of Siracha style sauce in the fridge for a while that I used for copy cat San Tung Wings so when I kept seeing Siracha Lime coming up as a flavor profile on Pinterest I figured why not give it a try

Siracha Lime Chicken
Paired Chicken with Eddies New Favorite Wine Ste Chapelle Merlot
Chicken Breast
2 limes

1) Place Chicken Breast in a Ziplock bag with a big squirt of siracha (i probably used about 1/2 cup for 3 breasts)
2) Quarter limes and squeeze lime over breasts and throw the rinds right into the bag too
3) Marinate over night and grill for 20 minutes per side over medium heat


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