Microsoft Band

I got to try out the new Microsoft Band thanks to my work. . . here is what I thought

Everyone that knows me knows that I don't care much for Fitness Bands and instead prefer to have the fitness clip ons. I love my Fit Bit and its going to be really hard to get me to completely switch over but there were a lot of features that I found on the Microsoft Band I haven't seen on others that I haven't seen on any other fitness devices before.

1) The ability to work on ALL platforms
2) You can get specifics about your workout that are separate from the overall day - it was interesting to see what I did at the gym specifically and will be interesting to see how it changes day to day
3) You can download workout programs to the band based on your goals and it will give you a new workout to try each day/gym session that follows your plan - Golds Gym, Shape Magazine, Microsoft Health were a few of the workout providers with i'm sure more to come
4) Starbucks app built in for coffee on the go!!!

After that it's like a smart watch - fitness band combo cause you get text messages and can respond through a keyboard - phone calls and Facebook messages and other smart watch features


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