Best Burger in Utah: Crown Burger

A few weeks ago my brother Josh posted an article from on facebook showing the Best Burgers state by State.

Being that we are on the search for the Best Burger Utah me and Eddie decided to take a look at the article.

We have had Crown Burger before and didn't think much of it - truthfully it tasted like Burger King and not anything special.

But then Crown Burger Came up again on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dive on Food Network and Guy Fieri couldn't stop raving about the Pastrami Burger

and then Eddie over heard a few people talk about

So that was it . . . Eddie gave the Pastrami Burger a Try

The Drive Thru was crazy packed but the line went by fast - I ordered a Pastrami Burger Combo AKA "Crown Burger" and brought it home for Eddie to try

It doesn't look like the picture from the Article but WOW!!! So much flavor and so much meat . . . The Pastrami on this burger gives their Cheeseburger everything that it was missing before and OMG WOW!!!

It is more about the Pastrami then the burger or the Cheese making it truly a Pastrami Burger and less of a Cheeseburger

Phases that came out of Eddies Mouth:
"This tastes like straight bacon"
"So Much Flavor"

Again the fries here kind of sucked just like the other restaurants we tried but it wasn't about the fries all about the burger

Crown Burger's Crown Burger = 5/5 Stars!!!

Beating out Smash Burger for 1st place

Best Burgers in Utah: Garlic Burger from Bohemian and the Crown Burger from Crown Burger


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