Best Burger in Utah: Olympus Burgers

Our first stop searching for the best burger in Utah was Olympus Burgers in Murray

Found based off of their Yelp rating of 4/5 stars and positive reviews on other sites we decided to give it a try.

Its a small little drive thru that makes a little bit of everything but with Burgers in their name we weren't worried . . . however we should have been

We got our food a brought it home and they broke RULE #2: we ordered our burgers PLAIN just meat and cheese but yet they were covered in fry sauce and topped with all the topping

I tried salvaging the burger to give them a fair shot but with all the sauce they put on it and sauce on both sides there was no help for the poor little burger

These guys ended up in the trash without even 1 bite taken

Olympus Burgers = TOTAL FAIL 0/5 stars

Best Burger in Utah still stands: Smash Burger and Bohemian


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