Best Burger in Utah: Millie's Burgers

Thanks to a suggestion from a friend our Best Burger in Utah search continues with Millie's Burgers in Sugarhouse

This tiny little burger place has only about 4 or 5 tables inside but was slam packed and super busy with people coming in and out.

We ordered out Bacon Cheese Burgers Plain and waited while Eddie enjoyed a Mint Chocolate Milkshake and I had a diet coke. As soon as our food was ready it brought to our table and we brought it home to enjoy

This was a classic American Cheese Burger super greasy and Good meat it was just missing a little bit of seasoning but was overall a great burger!

The fries were a little soggy and I had to crisp them up in the oven a bit but this isn't a fry competition so we didn't let that affect our rating 

Overall, the burger wasn't good enough to beat out the top competitors (Smash Burger and Bohemian) but was definitely a burger we'd eat again 

Millie's Burger: 4/5 Stars


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