Pulled Pork Hot Pockets

When we visited Chile earlier this year me and Eddie were introduced to Empinadas

While we weren't too impressed with the fillings we tried there we did love the crust - they were basically hot pockets/ calzones . . . whats not to love (other than the filling - - still can't get over the random hard boiled egg and olive)

When Josh was here a few months ago I made some with real empinada crust - last night I got lazy and instead made a pizza crust and filled it with left over pulled pork we had from earlier in the week . . . more hot pocket style but just as good (and way easier) as the empinada dough

Pulled Pork Hot Pockets

Pizza Crust
BBQ Pulled Pork

1) Pre Heat oven to 375
2) Roll out Pizza Crust into a square/ rectangle
3) Cut into 4-6 equal sized pieces
4) Fill each section with a large spoonful of Pulled Pork
5) Top Pork with Cheese
6) Fold each section in half then fold the seam over or seal with fork
7) Bake for 20-25 minutes

-I used the pizza function on my oven and they were done in about 20
-You can find my Pulled Pork Recipe Here and my Pizza Crust Recipe Here


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