Bar Chips

Since visiting Irena and Sheenan in Arizona after our honeymoon me and Eddie have been obsessed with BAR CHIPS!!! We stopped at a restaurant while we were out there visiting and this restaurant served what they called "bar chips" during happy hour. They were a mix between chips and french fries and gone quickly after hitting our side of the bar.

When we got home it was my mission to re-create the bar chips. Originally they are fried but since I am deathly afraid of frying ANYTHING!!! mine are "oven fried" and last night I think we FINALLY perfected them!!!

Sabrina's Oven "Fried" Bar Chips

-4-6 Small Potatoes
-Olive Oil
-Minced Garlic
-Seasoned Salt

1) Pre-heat Oven to 425 degrees
2) Completely Cover the bottom of a high walled baking sheet with oil
3) Spoon a few spoonfuls of garlic directly into the oil and spread around until evenly throughout the whole baking sheet
4) Sprinkle seasoned salt on top of the garlic and oil
5) Wash and Peel the potatoes and cut (like chips) in 1cm thick slices
6) Place the Potatoes on top of the oil
7) Cook for 40 minutes flipping the potatoes half way through

-Check the Potatoes around the 30 minute mark and remove the potatoes that look done (usually in the corners of the pan) so they don't burn while the others are finishing
-Bar Chips should be crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle similar to French Fries
-Once you get the basic recipe down feel free to use whatever seasoning you want. Some yummy ones we have tried include: Garlic-Red Pepper Flakes-Parmesan Cheese, Italian Seasoning, Mesquite BBQ, Chili Powder-Cayenne Pepper


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