Cheesy Bites Pizza

Quite Frequently Eddie sees commercials on TV and rather then thinking about ordering them he thinks "OOOOO Sabrina Needs to Make That!!!!"

The Newest thing that Sabrina needed to make is Cheesy Bites Pizza from the new Pizza Hut commercial (I think . . .don't quote me on that) but figured since I could do stuffed crust pizza this shouldn't be that hard and surprisingly it wasn't  . . .

2 cans premade pizza crusts
1 Package of String Cheese
Pizza Toppings

1) Open 1 Can of Pizza crust and lay out on a baking sheet or pizza stone making the crust as circular as you can
2) Open the second can of pizza crust and lay out on a cutting board keeping the rectangular shape
3) Lay 2 cheese sticks across the top and roll until the cheese in covered in dough
4) Cut the covered cheese stick off then cur each stick into 3-4 pieces (so you end up with 6-8 mini cheese bites) Then place these bites around your crust
5) Repeat until entire crust is covered (toss extra dough or place randomly on crust for extra thickness
6) Top with your favorite pizza toppings
7) Bake according to package directions (usually 425 degrees for about 25 minutes)


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