Fruit Smoothies

Eddie Loves Breakfast Food while I on the other hand would rather just have a coffee, jamba juice, etc. I have been making coffee every morning but lately its getting a bit too hot and homemade iced coffee just doesn't taste the same. Fitness Magazine this month had a few ideas for adding fruit to your diet and these fruit smoothies were a part of that. Best part is with this recipe you can use whatever fruit you want just make sure you have on hand half a banana (to give it the creaminess) and some kind of milk (to bind it all together) . . . I plan on playing around with the liquid part in the future maybe green tea, fruit juice, etc but for now here is the basic recipe

Fruit Smoothies
-3/4 cup milk
-1/2 cup frozen fruit
-1/2 banana (fresh or frozen)

1) Place all 3 ingredients in blender and blend until smooth

-I used vanilla soy milk but you can use whatever milk that you have on hand
-If you need some sweetness try adding agave nectar or splenda to the mix before blending
-To turn this into a protein shake add one scoop of protein powder to the mix
-The frozen fruit can be a mixture of your favorite fruits. Here (in the picture) I used a berry melody


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