Walmart Steaks?

When Eddie and I think about buying meat at Walmart we are always a little iffy about it and it definitely depends on what type of meat it is. I don't about your home state but here in Utah we have been seeing the "Walmart Steak Over" Commercial 24/7!!!

If you haven't seen it click here:

This got us wondering so we took the risk and purchased 2 types of their USDA Choice Steaks
1) Stew Meat: Cooked it in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours in taco marinade for burritos
2) Grilling Steaks: Done stove-top to medium well cooking on Medium-High heat for 7 minutes per side then sliced it up and used in a sandwich served with bar chips (of course!)

Surprisingly --> They weren't bad . . .They weren't the best steaks we have had and weren't the worst . . .However, we did prefer the stew meat we used in burritos a little better but would do grilling steaks again in a steak sandwich or salad and probably actually grill them this time

We would buy them again . . .Would you? And if you have tried Walmart Steaks what did you think?

Also, Any Steak Recipes you want to share would be greatly appreciated :)


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