BEER-baque Chicken

With me packing, cleaning up, getting ready for the move and Eddie working late plus wanting to go to the gym and do whatever else our hearts desire . . .cooking dinner lately has not been something we have much time for sooooooo I have pulled out the slower cooker to help out!!

Our latest creation is BEER-baque Chicken . . . YUP YUP I spelled that right BEER-baque chicken (lol) and it is super simple which is the best part!!! Throw everything in before work, then finish it up when I get home, and then let it sit on warm till Eddie gets home :)

BEER-baque Chicken Sandwiches

-Chicken Breast
-BBQ sauce
-Sandwich Buns

1) To CrockPot add 1 chicken breast per person (or more if you want left overs)
2) Cover with 1 part beer 1 part water
3) Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4
4) Remove and shred Chicken Breasts
5) Drain Beer/Water Mix 
6) Add chicken breast back into CrockPot and cover with BBQ (as much as you like)
7) Turn CrockPot to warm and let sit until ready to eat

- You can use any kind of beer that you want or have on hand
- If you don't want to use beer you can use soda (coke/pepsi and dr.pepper work great!!!) or sparkling water -- really its all about the carbonation so something bubbly that tastes good with BBQ sauce
- We have done this recipe with pork too for pulled pork sandwiches
- Made too much and need a recipe for the leftovers? SEE BELOW

BEER-baque Chicken Empinadas

-Leftover BEER-baque chicken
-Pre-Made Pie Crust

1) Pre-heat Oven to 350 Degrees
2)Unroll pie crust on a floured surface and using a circle cookie cutter cut circles in the dough (my dough made 8)
3) Place 1 tbs on chicken in each circle then fold over and seal with fork and poke holes in top for steam to release
4) Cook for 20 minutes


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