Homemade "Re-fried" Beans

I LOVE mexican food and refried beans but never seem to buy them because Eddie won't eat them . . . However the other day I ran across a recipe on Chef in Training to make your own in the crock pot and I knew that I just had to try it

WARNING this recipe makes ALOT i think the next time I make them I will cup the recipe into a third

Homemade "Re-fried" Beans

1 Package of dried beans (i used black)
5 bullion cubes (i used beef)
1 tbsp garlic salt
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1/4 cup butter

1) Place Beans in CrockPot and cover with water
2) Add Seasoning and cook on low until beans are soft (mine took 9 hours)
3) Drain Beans and add butter
4) Mix with a hand blender or kitchen aid until beans are mashed then Enjoy


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