Product Review: Smith's Beef Barbacoa

I was super excited when I joined a campaign with BzzAgent for Taste of Mexico at Smiths thinking that I was going to get to taste some awesome Mexican food but like all mexican food in Utah this was also a big disappointment

I went to the store and picked but a package of Beef Barbacoa which I thought would be somewhat similar to the Carne Asada at Trader Joes that me and eddie are OBSESSED with but NO!

I cooked up the Beef Barbacoa the same way I would any taco/burrito meat I make . . . In the Crock Pot hoping to have awesome Burritos ready for dinner when I got home but Eddie really didn't care for it. . .the meat wasn't the best in our opinion and was actually really stringy and the flavor it was marinated in kind of disappeared (guess i should have realized this when it was on manager special over half off for $2.49 originally $5.99)

I have a few more things to try with them that I am hoping will be a little bit better because the Beef Barbacoa was just a huge disappointment


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