Garlic Oil

Pizza Hut has released the Cheesy Bites Pizza Once again. We got really excited it and ordered it right away but were really disappointed. Their new crust which is supposed to be light and airy was just thin and flimsy and not really that good.

This put me on a mission to make my Cheesy Bites Pizza once again

The one thing I did take from the Pizza Hut Version was garlicky crust so as mine was coming out of the oven I spread a little homemade garlic oil on each cheesy bite

Garlic Oil - Mix Crushed Garlic with Olive Oil and a pinch of salt
Quick Tips about Infused Oils from
• Always keep flavored oils refrigerated. Infused oils last about 1 month when stored properly.
• Allow flavored oils to sit out at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes before each use.
• Don't use flavored oils for deep-frying—leftover particles will burn.


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