FAIL: Stick of Butter Rice

Stick of Butter Rice is all over Pinterest and Facebook so when we made up a Ham the other night I thought that it would be the perfect side dish

Oh how I was wrong . . .

It tastes like I cheap imitation of Rice-a-Roni and the left overs were horrible ... definitely something I won't be making again

STEP 1: Pre Heat Oven to 425 degrees and combine 1 cup rice, 1 can french onion soup, 1 can broth, 1 stick of butter into a baking dish cutting up butter into cubes

STEP 2: Cover with foil first 30 minutes of cooking then remove foil for last 30 minutes

The Finished Product

The rice looked and smelled great but just didn't have any flavor . . .think I will stick to my slow cooker 


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