NYE 2015 Recipe 1: Energy Vodka Jello Shots

After a big Christmas Eve Party for New Years Eve we are keeping it light and easy with appetizers, small bites, and dessert

I recently learned that Eddie was basically a newb at Jello shots when I made them the other night so I thought these would be yummy when I saw a similar recipe for NYE recipes

Not going to lie these are INTENSE!!!

NYE 2015 Recipe 1: 
Energy Vodka Jello Shots

16 oz can of your favorite energy drink
3 packets unflavored jello
2 cups vodka

1) In a saucepan pour in energy drink and jello and let sit for 2 minutes
The Jello will foam up a bit like this
2) Cook on Low for 5 minutes then turn up to high untill mixture starts to boil
3) Take off heat and pour in vodka
4) Pour mixture into mini cups or ice cube mold or brownie pan (later cut into pieces) and place in fridge untill they firm up (about 4 hours)
5) About half way through sprinkle sugar on top of each shot


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